The quest for performanceCapital management is about continuously

adapting strategies to market circumstances

Hello, we are JRC

JRC stands for Jannis Raftopoulos Consultancy, nowadays better known as JRC Capital Management GmbH. Our company was founded in January 1994 and has been functioning as an institutional capital management business for the past 22 years.

In 2015, we decided to offer our services to private investors and our company has seen enormous growth since then.

We currently have in excess of 350 million euro under management and we are one of the few firms that exclusively trade currency.

Our focus lies on performance, no fuss, no high costs, no confusion and certainly no show-boating. We concentrate on stable performance.

Currency trading

Trading in currency has its advantages compared, for example, to trading in shares. The interbank currency market is a 24-hour market with a daily estimated volume of over 4 billion euro, making the currency market the biggest market in the world and an extremely liquid market with very low costs, as a result of the unparalleled volume.

Trading in currency is therefore an excellent alternative to investing in traditional markets.

How do we work?

JRC principally works with algorithmic trading systems which function on a fully autonomous basis. We use the calculation power of these systems to analyse the markets and then provide our trading desk with technically supported trading signals.

We choose not to let the system trade automatically as systems cannot process fundamental news updates.

Our trading desk thus decides, on the basis of a few set criteria, whether the trading signals should be followed up.

This collaboration between man and machine has help JRC Capital Management realise excellent performance over a long period.

A few facts

Main activities

Institutional and private capital management

Company details

  • JRC was founded in 1994
  • JRC employs 29 staff
  • JRC manages 350 million euro


  • Erasmus University
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • European Union



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